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          1. Jiangsu Xingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.


            Research, Production, Sales, Service

            Comprehensive Chemical Companies

            Jiangsu Xingsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.


            Sales hotline:+86-13901482293 , +86-13862793632 , +86-513-84541589


            EP-48-60T is a linear polymer, produced by epichlorohydrin (ECH) and tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) in alkaline medium; because the resin has two epoxy groups at both ends, a certain amount of secondary hydroxyl groups in the middle and contains high bromine, it is especially suitable for paper-based CCL and laminated sheet as flame retardant, with excellent reactive flame retardant properties.

            Technical indexes
            Model EP-48-60T
            Appearance Light yellow to yellow liquid
            Chroma ≤3
            Epoxy value 0.23~0.26
            Organic chlorine (equivalent/100g) ≤0.005
            Inorganic chlorine (equivalent/100g) ≤0.001
            Solid (%) 59~61
            Bromine content (%) 46~51

            Packaging and storage: galvanized metal pail; 250kg/drum

            Storage period is one year, after one year, qualified products are still usable; stored in the dark, cool and ventilated place; avoid rain